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Botox for Gummy Smile and Pebbled Chin

Updated: Apr 14

It’s a necessity for you to show your beautiful white teeth when you are smiling. However, sometimes your gums might start to show when you’re smiling. This causes people to focus more on those unappealing tissues than your actual teeth. Meanwhile, you might feel that your chin doesn’t look all that appealing. It might look like it is sagging far too much. Sometimes it might cause your lower gums to become visible.

Woman adult short haircut laughing with gummy smile

Well, there’s a solution for both of those issues. Botox is available as a treatment for both a gummy smile and a sagging chin. Just imagine, the same compound used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on your face can also help you with both of these issues.

This is thanks to how Botox weakens muscles that cause such imperfections to show. When used properly, it will give you a better overall look without being rough or hard.

Botox for Gummy Smile

To use Botox for a gummy smile, your doctor will target the upper lip area. Muscles in the region might overact. This causes the upper lip to move up too high, thus revealing your gums. This could be worse if your upper lip is too thin.

With Botox, a small injection is used on the muscle around that area. This helps to weaken the muscle so it does not respond as much as it has been. As a result, it keeps the gums around your smile from being too visible. More importantly, it is all use with a smaller dosage in mind, thus ensuring that your dental tissues will not be harmed in any way.

How About the Chin?

Botox also works to treat the muscles around the chin. As you age, muscles become heavier and start to pull down on your face. This not only makes the chin look uneven but may also cause the lower gums to be visible as you smile in some of the more intense cases.

Botox for chin muscles can be used to keep from pulling down so much. As Botox is injected into your chin muscles, they will be relaxed and not as active. This will keep the chin from pulling down far too much.

In addition to keeping your teeth looking appealing, you will also use Botox to keep the area from looking uneven. Botox can be applied onto different regions around your chin to create an even and defined appearance. This should improve upon how well your chin looks without being too uneven or rough. It gives you a beautiful appearance that you are bound to enjoy having.

Botox is truly a great solution that will make a world of difference. You should look at how well a great treatment will give your teeth a better look by keeping your gums from being visible. It also does well for your chin in more ways than one. You will be excited over how well it will work for your needs when giving you the best possible smile you could have.


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