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Are Baby Botox Doses Better Than Normal Botox Doses?

Updated: Apr 17

It is understandable if the patient is concerned about people noticing that they used Botox to fix wrinkles and other aging signs around the face. While Botox is effective, it does temporarily weaken many muscles that cause such wrinkles to develop. It could be easy for some to spot the treated muscles on their face.

handsome man gets baby botox injection for natural results

There is an option for aesthetic practitioners to use Baby Botox technique if a patient is worried about this. Baby Botox is a treatment option that utilises a smaller amount of Botox in each injection. This provides patients with effective results without using as much Botox as you might expect.

How Much Works?

A typical Botox injection will provide you with 50 units of Botox. The number of units refers to the strength of the Botox treatment. When you take in more units, the Botox will block off more nerves that are responsible for muscle contractions.

With a Baby Botox dosage, you will only use about 30 to 40 units of the compound. This is good enough to treat many wrinkles and yet won’t create as many problems as you might expect.

Who is a Good Candidate for Baby Botox?

The patient will have an easier time handling Baby Botox if she has lighter wrinkles. This is also great if forehead muscles or other facial muscles might not be as strong as they could be. Stronger muscles tend to require more Botox units for them to be treated. The results the patient takes in could be too dramatic if she has weak tissues and you use a regular Botox dosage.

Allowing a Bit of Movement

Some residual movement will be noticeable around the patient's forehead after a dosage is administered. This movement entails some parts of muscles moving while others are weakened. This creates a good appearance where the muscles will not be fully weakened but at least weak enough to where they won’t produce the significant wrinkles the patient might have had.

Keep Numbness Under Control

Botox can cause muscle weakness around the injection site, bruising and stiffness. Baby Botox keeps the effects from being too dramatic.

Getting Used To the Treatment

Baby Botox treatment may also work if the patient is thinking about getting a larger dosage in the future. You can use the smaller dosage now to get an idea of how well the Botox solution works. When it does wear off, you can opt to go for a full dosage. Patients could also choose to stick with the Baby Botox. Either way, the patient and practitioner will get a clear idea of what might happen when a smaller dosage is used.

So, Is It Worthwhile?

Baby Botox is perfect for patient who has any of the following:

  • Lighter wrinkles that don’t require a full dosage

  • Weaker tissues that could be harmed by a full dosage

  • Concerns over how individual muscles could be identified as ones treated by Botox

  • Worries about the side effects of Botox


young woman gets botox injection to reduce the wrinkles around the eye area at skinoza clinic setting

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