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Is Lip Augmentation still on trend?

Updated: Mar 7

Lip augmentation was once one of the fastest growing aesthetic trends in the industry, with the procedure leading to plumper and fuller lips. While the treatment is still popular, what has changed over time is the way that clients look to use lip augmentation to enhance their look, with the so-called ‘trout pout’ being replaced by calls for a more naturally enhanced pout which draws attention to the lips and mimics the treatment of celebrities like Kylie Jenner.

Paired with lip tingling make up solutions and the rise in anti-wrinkle injections around the mouth which smooths the skin around the lips, lip augmentation is designed to give a boost to the lips themselves and create an overall more youthful and elegant finish.

With that said, why is lip augmentation so popular and what exactly does it involve?

What does lip augmentation involve?

Lip augmentation refers to an aesthetic treatment that uses dermal filler to transform the lips and create a fuller and rounder pout. The idea is to create more volume inside the lips so that they appear plumper and more youthful, drawing attention to the facial features, and to add more of a rounded structure which replicates that Hollywood pout.

Modern lip filler is an effective and easy treatment with minimal bruising and side effects, and plenty of control over volume and the finished look. All treatments at any reputable clinic will be preceded by a full consultation where your practitioner will discuss the end result and your desired finish with you, and will talk you through the full process including after care.

young woman with fuller lips after the lip filler treatment

Why is lip augmentation so popular?

For one thing, lip augmentation is accessible to a wide range of clients because its high demand and popularity means it is one of the most common and thus more affordable aesthetic treatments available. The quick treatment time and minimal recovery time also mean it can be done in a lunch break with the client able to return to normal activity instantly.

We have to give a nod to social media and the rise of influencers as part of the growth of lip augmentation, as it is the heightened presence of visual social media that leads to procedures like lip fillers and lip augmentation becoming popular in the first place. For example, when Love Island started to introduce young women who had undergone lip augmentation, demand grew exponentially and has remained high ever since.

Will lip augmentation remain popular in 2021 and beyond?

The more natural the finish, the more popular the aesthetic treatment seems to be in 2021, with more celebrities than ever before reversing some of the effects of more drastic procedures to embrace a more natural look. Lip augmentation is considered an effective, quick, and relatively natural procedure provided the filler used is minimal – with clients typically returning every six months or so for a top up.

For more information on lip augmentation at our clinic, head to the Treatments page and search for Lip Filler or check website here.


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