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Autumn/Winter 2021 - Popular Aesthetic Treatments This Season

Updated: Feb 26

The pandemic and continuous lockdowns between 2020 and Spring 2021 might have dented our social lives, but it left many of us channelling all that extra energy into new routines and regimes - particularly regarding skincare.

happy client after the lips filler job

While skincare has always been something that we’re aware of and know we should focus on, it is often something we neglect in favour of too many cocktails and the hottest new makeup trends - leaving us combatting and concealing issues rather than blocking them at the source. Lockdown gave us a new freedom to explore skincare - and as a result, we are more attuned to a high quality and productive skincare routine than ever before.

So, what popular aesthetic treatments can we recommend moving into the Autumn/Winter season of 2021? Read below.

Popular treatments and tweakments

First thing’s first - what is a tweakment? A tweakment is a minor treatment which provides your appearance with a simple tweak rather than a complete transformation or feature overhaul.

One example, and something which we believe is becoming increasingly popular in 2021, is the chemical peel - a procedure which focuses on the complexities of natural skincare and uses a blend of acids and science to refresh and reinvigorate your skin without makeup and product.

Another popular treatment/tweakment trend is Profhilo - a targeted injection of hyaluronic acid which leaves the skin more hydrated, plump, and smooth. It is essentially a new version of Botox which is less invasive and targets the skin in a more natural way.

Liquid nose jobs are yet another popular treatment which is making waves in 2021, using filler to make very small adjustments to the shape and appearance of a nose - without all the surgery and bandages which nose jobs are so commonly associated with.

And of course, Botox and fillers are all consistently popular thanks to the way they invigorate and refresh aesthetic appearance by making the skin look younger and plumper. If anything is likely to change in the latter half of 2021 and beyond, it is possibly a greater focus on eye treatment to brighten the eyes and rid clients of dark circles and under-eye bags - something which can be addressed with targeted Botox and tear trough filler.

All of these treatments deal exclusively with the way our skin in particular is presented, optimising on our natural aesthetic and enhancing our appearance. But it’s not all treatments and procedures.

Other things we can do to protect and enhance our aesthetic this season

If SPF isn’t a part of your Winter skincare routine, then this is the sign you need to change your ways! SPF is a crucial element of a good skincare routine all year round, as even when the sun isn’t shining, the UV rays can still penetrate and cause damage to your skin.

And finally, follow a healthy lifestyle with plenty of sleep, exercise, and hydration, and your skin will thank you with a natural glow that can’t be replicated.


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