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What Aesthetic Treatments are suitable for Men?

Updated: Feb 27

aesthetic practitioners of skinoza clinic

Before we get into the heart of this article, the first thing to note is that aesthetic treatments can provide high quality results for both men and women from all walks of life, boasting different kinds of lifestyle and different individual concerns. What separates male treatments from female treatments is the aesthetic concerns and trends that the client will likely want to address - with men often more focussed on fighting the signs of aging while maintaining a masculine physique and appearance.

So, what are the most common aesthetic treatments for men and how do they work?

Why are aesthetic treatments on the rise amongst men?

The main reason for the spike in aesthetic treatments being utilised and enjoyed by men is the development of new treatments which present natural results. A man who undergoes aesthetic treatment such as Botox or a hair transplant will typically want the end result to conceal the effects of any treatment - with men preferring a finish which is rugged and more natural, and which enhances their naturally masculine features.

The more opportunity there is for aesthetic treatments which are precise but present a natural finish, the better for the male market.

The difference between male and female aesthetic treatments

The difference in treatments for men and women lies not only in the desired result, but in the very way that the treatment is conducted. The facial structure of men and women is different, with the bone structure, prominence of certain features, and skin density all culminating in an overtly masculine or feminine appearance - and when it comes to aesthetic treatment, getting the right levels of product in the right places is key.

When it comes to Botox for example, the amount of product needed to make a difference is much higher in men than it is in women - as the muscle mass in men’s facial muscles is larger and so requires more product to paralyse the muscles and prevent them from moving and creating lines.

Non-invasive treatments in 2022

From injectables to hair transplants, Botox and everything in between, aesthetic treatments are becoming increasingly easy to factor into everyday life with a low recovery time and little to no pain involved in the treatment itself - and this is making them more popular every year. Men in particular are finding that non-invasive treatments present benefits for their appearance without impacting on their ability to continue with their daily routine - and it is this ease, combined with the desired natural finish, which makes aesthetic treatment more appealing to the male market.

male patient before and after the dermal fillers treatment

Provided that the practitioner or clinician is aware of the differences in facial anatomy between a male and a female client and can reflect the different facial structures differently in the way they conduct the treatment, then aesthetic treatment can be hugely successful for male clients.

For more on the treatments available to men and the difference between male and female aesthetics, head to our website.


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