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Hair Transplant

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Stop Hair Loss with a Bespoke Solution

A professional team committed to helping those who have suffered or are living with hair loss and hair thinning, we pride ourselves in our ability to match clients with their ideal solution – whether that’s a hair transplant, non-surgical intervention, micro pigmentation, or a more specialist and bespoke solution. To get more information about hair transplant feel free to visit our website


What Causes Hair Loss?

There are endless conditions, lifestyle choices, and individual factors which can cause hair loss. So how do you identify which one is behind your symptoms?

Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is caused by the presence of hormone receptions which exist in the hair roots across the non-permanent area. These receptors become triggered by the presence of the male hormone called DHT –  Dihydrotestosterone, which in turn reacts to the hair follicles and causes hair loss.

Chemical Scarring & Burns

Stress to the hair caused by products and heated styling tools can cause breakage, leading to hair loss. While this is minor and can be reversed by ceasing use of such products, the longer you use these tools the more damage will be done to the hair.

Female Pattern Baldness

Female pattern baldness is triggered by male hormones which spike during puberty and after menopause, when levels of the female hormones are weakened. This spike in androgens becomes converted to DHT as a result of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase – and this then starts to influence susceptible hairs.


A condition which affects the auto-immune system, alopecia areata sees the body producing antibodies which work against your own hair.

Hair Loss Solutions

With no request too big or too small, our team are skilled in working with everything from hairline changes to complete hair loss and the varying treatments.


DHI Hair Transplant

DHI is a revolutionary form of hair transplant technique which is widely recognised as one of the most effective means of combatting thinning hair.

A unique tool is used to implant hair directly into the scalp. The pen-shaped tool has been specifically designed to enable the clinician to deliver the best hair implant results with minimal pain. Hair follicles are taken from the base and back of the scalp and then transplanted using the tool onto the areas of thinning hair.


FUE Hair Transplant

FUE transplant surgery is a minimally invasive option which demands a high level of skill and precision in achieving the perfect, aesthetic finish. Follicular Unit Extraction is a process where healthy hair follicles are removed from a donor site and transplanted to areas where your hair has begun to fall out or is thinning.

Each of the grafts will collect between 1 to 4 hairs taken from the healthiest donor site where the hair is densest. It is then surgically implanted onto the area of the head, generally around the crown where your hair has begun to thin. It is a similar process to FUT hair transplants, but this uses one to four hairs at a time, whereas FUT hair transplants involve a strip of hairs and the scalp.


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