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Botox in Greenwich: How Often to Get Botox?

Updated: Apr 9

If you've been wondering how often should you have Botox treatment in Greenwich, this article is for you.

doctor holds a bottle of botox product in front of a female patient at skinoza clinic in london

The toxin used in BOTOX® will only work for a few months at a time. It will eventually wear out as the muscles you weakened will go back to their old functions.

The BOTOX® injection will work for about three to six months on average. As the injection weakens, the lines and wrinkles that were treated will begin to appear again. They might not be as noticeable as they used to be, what with the muscles having slightly shrunken in size.

Still, you would have to use another BOTOX® treatment to get that smooth look on your skin back. You have to be careful with how you’re using BOTOX® around your face or other parts of your body. Skinoza advise only use the Botox in Greenwich or Botox in London about two or three times in a year. This is to protect you from the risks involved with having too much of such a treatment.

Timing Is Critical

You have to adhere to the timing for BOTOX® treatments in London when determining when to get one next. Check carefully on how well your face is responding to your BOTOX® treatment. Make sure you spend enough time after an injection wears off before you use BOTOX® again. The key is to ensure that you don’t have any old traces of the initial injection left before the next one occurs.

Remember that the effects of the BOTOX® treatment can vary based on how well your muscles respond to it and the intensity of the wrinkles being managed. This often makes it harder for BOTOX® to work in some instances.

You can always talk to Skinoza clinic about when the time is right for another injection. It is best to talk with the same doctor who provided you with the first injection if possible.

What Happens If Too Much Works?

The key for waiting in between injections is to ensure that you don’t take in more BOTOX® than what is needed. The risks that come with having too much BOTOX® can be rather significant:

  • Too much BOTOX® can cause surrounding muscles around the treated areas to weaken. This could cause vision problems sometimes.

  • Some treated muscles may also shrink over time. They might keep wrinkles from being too visible but over time they could become too small and withered.

  • Your body might become far too used to the BOTOX® compound if it gets fresh doses too often. This could weaken its effectiveness.

You cannot afford to have more BOTOX® than needed. About two or three doses can be utilized in a typical year. Check with Skinoza team to see how well you are handling the treatment so you understand what can be done with it. This is all about helping you stay safe and at less of a risk of serious problems when using these.

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